Y people stare 2 c if im a boy or girl?

Its one thing to be looked at because you not matchin or because you acting a fool in public but why you gone stare at me cuz you can't tell if I am a girl or a boy? I dont look like a man in the face. I wear men's clothes, rock braids and have swagg but features wise I dont look like a dude. I've gone into stores where I have spoken first and people still will say."Sir." I don't have a deep voice so that tells me that people aren't listening to me they're just looking at my outer appearence and completely ignoring me as a person. I can understand if I was trying to come off as a man but that's not what I'm trying to do I am just being me. I went to Vegas and I was walkin down the strip with my girl and two dudes that were dressed in construction shit were eating outside one dude calls out,"Hey" repeatedly. Now I don't know about other folks but that not how you get someone's attention hollerin,"Hey" so dude says" I just wanted to tell you your braids look dope and ask you where you got em' done." Now I don't have a problem if he had came at me the right way if he would have said,"Excuse me or something of that nature I would have answered him but now Aye,Hey ,Yo nothing like that. He had the nerve to tell me "You act like you the president ignoring people that's not how we do it in Vegas!" tell me how this grown ass man is this ignorant. Where does it say I have to answer you because your trying to get my attention? How is it that people think that a f*ckin tourist city such as Las Vegas people are just goin to "obey" they stupid asses. Was it because I am a female with a female and you trying step to me cuz you think I'm tryna be a dude? Im not trying to be a dude I have all my parts that God gave me and are very thankful for them. If dudes are that insecure about my appearance my woman i have just one thing to say,Step ya F*ckin game up!!!! I am not your competition if you want want I have work for it the same way I do. This no anti- male blog I have hella male friends that take care of their shit and arent intimidated by females. If I was a dude that situation would have never went down.
Little kids. Man little kids will stare at me so hard they will turn their heads and stop in mid stride to look to see if I'm a boy or girl. Why havent their parents told them don't stare at people let alone grown folks? What the hell? Why do I need to be stared down by little kids who don't have manners? Everyone is different. Nothing can be a definite determining factor that says this is a woman, this is a man because they fit what you want them to look like. I dont feel comfortable in womens clothes. The people who know me will tell you she don't look right as a "girl". If a man can cook that doesn't make him a female or feminine all it means is that he aint gon be hungry when he wants to eat. If a woman can change her car's oil or a flat tire that doesn't make her a man she just has the ability to do things that need to get done. What is people problem with gender? I am not and will wear girls shit I don't even go into female store unless I'm buying somthing with or for my girl. Are you staring because you trying to figure out how you can my swagg? Are you staring because you think I am fine. Whatever the reason its not nice to stare.

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