Is she outta pocket?

From my experience the femmes that I've encountered love flattery from other studs or people n general. So why is it when a stud gets attention its a problem? Why is it okay for femmes to be told they look good or someone that knows someone wants to get with them but if their stud gets that same attention she wants to get hyphy. Is it just me or is it a double standard? So what would u do if a friend who you haven't spoken with in a min asked if u were still with ya girl was still together bcuz she had a patna who was curious about your status? Is your patna outta pocket for asking? I don't think so but only if they truly didn't know your status. Tell me is your patna outta pocket?
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  1. na they mite just wanna kno

  2. I dont think so its just a queastion answer it and go to the next subject. (shawn29nfine)